Expand Your Outreach

From our headquarters in La Jolla, California, Turtleback Interactive offers comprehensive consulting services. We have been in the industry since 1998 and have assisted numerous clients in developing winning campaigns, fine-tuning new projects and accelerating existing ones. Schedule a time to have a phone interview.

La Jolla Beach

Thorough and Comprehensive Communications Consulting

We assist clients with a wealth of Internet resources. Our team focuses on using the latest technological tools to maximize your understanding about voters, consumers, government agencies, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Using applied biometrics and neuroscience tools, we can supplement traditional polling and focus groups to provide a picture of what consumers and voters are really thinking not just what they say they believe. One of the biggest challenges for a marketing campaign might just be implicit bias that is easy to miss.

No one strategy is right for every project, which is why our consultants take time to learn your specific goals, understand your budget and schedule requirements.


In addition to market research for businesses, governmental organizations, political and advocacy campaigns, Turtleback Interactive can also develop, produce, distribute and promote content rich podcasts. Use these custom podcasts to inform your members, target audiences and post in the social media universe.

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