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The world of healthcare changes every day. You need an engaging way to learn about the latest trends and the Empowered Patient Podcast with host Karen Jagoda is your source for interesting and thought-provoking discussions with doctors, care providers, mobile health entrepreneurs, medical solution providers, experts in big data and geo-spatial visualization, researchers and academics. You’ll learn about the latest trends at the intersection of healthcare and technology. From our studio in La Jolla, California, Turtleback Interactive is dedicated to providing top quality discussions on the current state of the industry from one of the most active precision medicine hubs in the country.

On our Empowered Patient Podcast, you’ll hear leaders in the healthcare world discuss their latest projects and endeavors. This covers a wide range of topics, from the use of geo-tracking of mosquitoes to contain diseases to better tracking of patients with mobile devices. Our listeners keep coming back for thought-provoking episodes with an insider’s look into the industry.

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A large portion of our episodes centers on the important topic of precision medicine. We approach the subject from numerous different angles, giving you a full and comprehensive view. Join us in exploring the ways technological tools can improve medical care for everyone.

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Listeners to this podcast include healthcare professionals, wireless and mobile healthcare entrepreneurs, medical device developers, patient advocates, journalists, academics and investors. Guests and listeners are always invited to use our podcast as a source of information on social media, email, and newsletters.

The weekly Empowered Patient Podcast is available on Apple podcasts, Amazon music/Audible, Spoton, Spotify, Radio.com, Ganna, Deezer, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Tunein, iHeart Radio, ProMed Network, and the Libsyn Network.

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