ORIG3N LifeProfile Products

New advances in genomics have made it possible to gain insights into your genetic makeup that can help you make smarter lifestyle choices. LifeProfile from ORIG3N are a series of genetic tests that show how genes impact specific areas like nutrition, physical strength, skin health, and impact of using cannabis.

The ORIG3N labs use cutting-edge technology and highest professional research standards to ensure accurate processing and analysis of genetic profiles.  Genes for each test are selected from peer-reviewed scientific publications and leading genomic research.

ORIG3N ensures every effort is made to protect privacy and security of all personal information.

Each collection kit contains simple instructions, a cheek swab, and a prepaid return-shipping envelope.  Once you have rubbed the inside of your cheek for 20 seconds with the swab you place it back in the tube and send it off to ORIG3N.  In about 4 weeks you will receive your personalized profile that you can access through the LifeProfile mobile app.

Turtleback Interactive and Strictly Organics are authorized agents of ORIG3N and participating in genomic research with them to advance the understanding of genes, behavior and health.

Available Profiles

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Get unprecedented insights into your fitness potential and injury recovery with decoded information about your unique DNA.


AURA   $99
Find out what makes your skin unique—and what your DNA can tell you about how best to care for it.


FUEL   $149
Your body has unique responses to different foods and nutrients. Find out what your DNA wants you to eat.


Your mind and body respond to pain and use of natural substances like cannabis in different ways. Find out how your DNA helps you find relief and pleasure.

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